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Maddie Montana, Director and Producer

Do you think your relationship with technology goes too far? This PSA will expose you to the parts of yourself you have lost control over...

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About Me


From Honolulu to Abu Dhabi, Maddie Montana is a warm weather lover and passionate storyteller that collaborates to create concepts and tell stories that are polished, sophisticated and effective.


Her passion for producing and editing merged together for the recent release of an 11-episode video tour for Sarasota’s “Patriot Plaza” with the Patterson Foundation. Maddie’s position on the Feature Film “Acting: The First Six Lessons” with Beau and Emily Bridges contributed to the success of the project that was produced through Ringling College Studios. Since then, Maddie has fulfilled key roles on a dozen spec commercials, such as “Dog & Deer” for Nuscale Energy and “Empowered by Nature” for Too Faced Foundation. With skills in branded content, storytelling, graphic design and marketing, Maddie constantly strives to create energized, on-trend content that engages the viewer. Her ambition is to merge concept, story and execution to create exciting videos and commercials for brands.


Maddie recently earned her BFA in Film Production at Ringling College  of Art & Design in May 2022.

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